Workout Finishers

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Wanna take your workouts (and your fat burning) to a new level?

You’re completely soaked with sweat, you’re tired, you’re hungry—but the blood’s still pumping and you know you’ve got just a little left in the tank…

After all, it’s that last, final push that will get you to the next level.

So why not add a simple “workout finisher” to your workout mix?

Workout Finishers- How They Work

Workout finishers are designed to help you get maximum benefits from any workout.

They ensure you leave every ounce of energy in the gym…

And get the biggest bang for your workout buck.

The finisher not only adds volume to your training session…

But they also test your mental toughness

Challenging you when you are already dog tired


That last bit of effort will put you over the edge

And you’ll start seeing the results you want

It’s what separates a six-pack…


One FUN & Effective Workout Finisher

Here’s one of our favorite workout finishers you can try on your next workout

Burpees and kettlebell swings both help you boost your body’s power

And accelerate fat burning

Here’s a simple finisher using a combination of kettlebells and burpees

You will start out by performing 8 kettlebell swings and 8 burpees

You alternate doing each finisher in turn and progressively do less reps of each in each successive set.

After doing 8 reps of each finisher in your first set, you go down to 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and finally 1 rep of each.

Try to do each set as fast as possible and record your time; so you can try to beat it during your next session.

Why not give this killer workout finisher a try the next time you’re in the gym?

You WILL be feeling it after your workout.

Want some more killer finishers?

Check out this killer workout finisher resource

Workout Finishers Anyone Can Use




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