Tabata Workouts & Training

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So… what exactly is Tabata workouts or Tabata training?

This short video explains what Tabata workouts are… And how they were created.



Single Exercise Tabata Workouts & Multiple Tabata Exercises

You can perform the same Tabata exercise for each of the eight 20-second intervals…

Or you can perform a series of different Tabata exercises to create a 4-minute type of total body Tabata workout.

You could also repeat the 4-minute Tabata exercise sets for multiple sessions.

Typically, 4 sets of “Tabatas” is recommended with 1 minute of rest time in between each set…

For a total of a 20-minute Tabata workout.

Best Tabata HIIT Workout Options Online


Who Should Do Tabata Workouts & Training?

It is no surprise why Tabata workout training is becoming increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts and professionals.

Firstly, the training method is supported by scientific evidence to show that it is a superior training method compared to traditional cardiovascular training.

Secondly, who wouldn’t prefer better results in just 4 minutes compared to 60 minutes of traditional cardio exercises?

However, I should point out that despite the benefits above, the high-intensity nature of the training will make this training “feel” a lot harder than traditional cardio exercises.

Especially for individuals who are not already physically conditioned.

People who are not used to training at such high intensity should start out slowly to avoid the the risk of injury.

Tabata Workouts – Getting Started

Everyone has a different level of fitness, so finding a universal program that suits everyone is not possible.

The basic rule to follow is to start easy and build up as your level of fitness improves.

You don’t need any fancy equipment to get started. We do recommend getting a simple Tabata Timer that can help you time your workout and rest intervals conveniently.

Fire this up on your computer and you can use it as often as you’d like (it’s FREE).

To get started, first – measure your weight and body fat percentage. If you don’t have a baseline to compare with, its hard to know if the workout is working for you.

Next, select just one or two Tabata workout programs below and you will discover some easy to follow high intensity Tabata workout exercises that show results…



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