Lower Back Piriformis Stretch

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Here is another great video I came across that will help anyone that spends a lot of time sitting all day.

As you know, sitting causes your lower body & back muscles to really tighten up…

And in some cases, sitting for extended periods can really lock up your piriformis muscle… Which can lead to sciatica (intense lower back pain).


Piriformis Syndrome- What Is It?

The piriformis muscle is a flat, horizontal muscle located in the butt right near the top of the hip joint.

Extended sitting can cause this muscle to tighten up… Putting pressure on the sciatic nerve that runs alongside (sometimes thru) the piriformis muscle.

When that happens…. you’ll know it since the pain will be sharp & intense.

So… if you spend a lot of time sitting all day, there is a good chance your piriformis muscle is getting tighter every single day.

The good news… You can do some simple stretches that will keep the piriformis muscle loose.

You can even do these stretches sitting in your desk chair in the office or at home.

It is also a great idea to use these stretches before working out at home or in the gym as well.

Believe me, your back will thank you…

Give this short video a quick look and you’ll see how easy these are to do….


Piriformis Stretches



Try them yourself…

You will see how quickly your back and piriformis loosen up…


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