How the Weight Loss Industry Works

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The weight loss/diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.

And why do you think that is?

You’d think that with the zillions of commercials, emails, and online ads, all of the weight loss companies in the diet industry really want to help you lose body fat.

Don’t be mistaken; they are in it to make money… lots of money.

Weight Loss & Diet Bottom Line

The bottom line is this…..

The chances of anyone actually losing weight with the multitude of these quick fix diet products, and then actually keeping the weight off, are extremely low.

After all, when was the last time you saw one of their models or actors in their commercials five or ten full years after using their products?

Did they continue to use the product for all that time?

Did they keep the weight off that they actually lost?

How did they look? Like they did in the original commercial?

If the weight loss companies actually helped you lose weight, they would soon be out of business.


Because if you ever used their products, were really able to lose body fat, and actually kept it off….

You would not need to order anything from them ever again.

They would soon be out of customers and out of business.

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There Is No Quick & Easy Way to Lose Body Fat

I hate to break it to you; but there is no “quick and easy” way to weight loss and burning body fat.

You need to do a little research and find out how your body actually works when it comes to burning fat.

You need to use a diet that is not only healthy for you; but one where you can eat food that you actually enjoy without putting on more pounds.

You need to get your butt off the couch and put in a little exercise; even if it is nothing more than walking a mile around the park for twenty minutes in the evening.

If there was a “quick and easy” way to burn body fat and drop twenty pounds in three days…

We’d all look like Greek gods and goddesses

And these weight loss companies would be out of business.

Granted, I’m not saying that these companies and their products don’t work to lose some weight…

But how do you keep it off?

That’s what defeats most people when trying to lose weight.

They see an initial success, but then they put that weight right back on when they start living their normal life.

Remember the basic arithmetic to weight loss…

You have to burn more calories thru diet and exercise everyday than you take in.

If you do, you will see weight loss.
If you don’t, you will see weight gain.

Find a diet that burns body fat eating everyday food you actually like.

Start doing some moderate exercise.

Whatever; do something.

Just don’t fall for the newest, fastest, greatest weight loss product that requires you to pony up $47 and push a button to get the body of an Olympic swimmer.

They simply don’t work…

And you’ll be hoping to get at least $5 for that $47 product when it’s sitting on a table at your summer yard sale next year…

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