High Intensity Interval Training- HIIT for Beginners

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So, you’ve heard about the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training…

And you want to start using HIIT to get back into shape yourself.

BUT… what if you haven’t exercised or worked out in a while?

Do you just jump in with both feet?

Not a good idea… Instead, think of starting this way.

HIIT For Beginners- Think About This Before Starting

Before beginning an intensive training routine; or ANY physical fitness whatsoever…

It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor and to ensure that you don’t have any underlying heart conditions.

Before you start pushing yourself to your cardiovascular limit, it’s a good idea to first build up that basic level of fitness that will prevent you from shocking your heart too much.

Right now, you might be thinking that you don’t need to worry about this and that it’s not likely you’re going to suffer heart problems.

Even if you’re not worried though, building this basic level of fitness is important for your ability to stick with an intense HIIT workout.

This is the mistake that too many people make –

They launch straight into their training and hope that they’ll be able to keep up a pace that is far above what they find ‘comfortable’.

The belief is that you need to be pushing beyond your comfort levels in order to lose weight.

But what actually happens is that you end up hating exercise and dreading your workouts.

The result is that you’ll find yourself putting off working out at all and…

In no time at all, your training falls by the wayside and you give up!


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HIIT Beginners Workout Plan

So don’t aim to start losing weight or transforming your fitness right away.

Rather, focus on gradually improving your fitness so that your workouts are never outside the realms of comfortable to begin with.

You’ll find that as you do this, you learn to do more; and eventually this allows you to take on more challenging workouts and actually stick with them.

So how do you build up this basic fitness?

The answer is actually to start with steady state cardio, using a gentle pace to begin with… and then build up.

Begin with running… but don’t aim to run a long distance or to run quickly to begin with.

Instead, just aim to enjoy running.

Set out with comfortable running shoes and jog carefully and slowly for half an hour.

When it becomes painful, go home.

Do this once a week and over time, you’ll find that you start running faster and further without even trying.

Importantly though…

  • You won’t risk exhausting your body
  • You won’t damage your knees
  • You won’t wind up overtraining
  • You won’t start to dread your workouts

This can be very frustrating at first if you were hoping to get into great shape right away!

But what’s very important here is to be disciplined with yourself.

A lot of people think that getting into great shape is all about being disciplined enough to keep training.

Just as important though is to be disciplined enough to be patient and to build that basic level of strength before you approach the more intense types of training.

Build up your strength and stamina slowly…

And then you can look at adding HIIT workouts.

Crawl, walk, run…

The same applies to working out.

Especially when you are trying to get back into shape if you haven’t been working out consistently or haven’t exercised at all in a while.


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