Glute Strengthening Exercises

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If you are looking for that shapely, toned butt…

Then you need to start doing some glute strengthening exercises to target the glute muscles.

Most people don’t realize that glute strengthening exercises that hit the 3 major glute muscles are necessary to firm up and tone your butt correctly.


Glute Strengthening Exercises- Start With These

To get started today, here are two of the best glute strengthening home exercises that anyone can start using…

And you’ll feel the effects in your glutes once you complete them.


Glute Strengthening Exercise- Single Leg Glute Bridge

This is an easy glute exercise that anyone can do on the living room floor.

It is simple to do, and not only help strengthen your glutes, but your lower back as well.

You want to insure that there is no tilting or rotation of the pelvis.

Here’s a video that shows how simple this is to do…


Another Great Glute Strengthening Exercise- Reverse Table Top Leg Kicks

This is another home glute exercise that you can do wherever you have some open space.

Make sure that you alternate legs when doing your kicks…

And prevent your hips from sagging by squeezing your glutes.


Glute Strengthening Exercises To Start With

So there you have it… Two simple home glute exercises that you can do to start firming up your butt.

While these are a great start, they are not going to get you the butt you want.

For that, you need to be focusing on all 3 glute muscles to finally get the butt you want.

You can discover the hidden secrets to getting that perfect butt you’ve always wanted below…

Resources for That Perfect Butt…



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