Coconut Oil As A Pain Reliever?

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Are you kidding me?

That’s the response I get from a lot of my training partners when I recommend coconut oil to help with minor aches and pains.

Coconut oil has been proven to provide numerous health benefits…

But the main benefit for our purposes is the fact that coconut oil has been proven to reduce inflammation.

Other Benefits of Coconut Oil

-It’s an immune system booster

Coconut oil is a powerful supplement that works well to boost your immune system.

Coconut contains two ingredients called lauric acid and caprylic acid.

Both of these ingredients have antiviral properties; which makes them useful for fighting off yeast infections as well as bacterial infections.

If you want a simple, easy immune system booster, a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil every day is an easy way to get this.

-Pain relief

Coconut oil has been proven to reduce inflammation throughout the body; mainly inflammation of muscles and joints.

Because of the high levels of lauric acid, coconut oil will work to reduce inflammation…

And reducing inflammation reduces pain as well.

There have been some studies published that have found that extracts from virgin coconut oil were just as effective as Indomethacin, a popular prescription pain medication.

Another bonus of coconut oil?

It has been shown to be a natural arthritis pain reliever.

Most people are reliant on prescription meds for their arthritis pain.

If you’re looking for a more natural source to try and ease your arthritis pain, coconut oil is an inexpensive and all natural alternative that may work for you.

When applied topically by rubbing coconut oil directly on the painful area, coconut oil helps by increasing blood supply to the arthritic pain area…

And the anti-inflammatory ingredients in coconut oil also help reduce localized pain and swelling.

In fact, coconut oil may also help other joint sufferers find relief….

You don’t know until you try; and since coconut oil is actually pretty inexpensive…

Certainly more so than prescription medications… what do you have to lose?

Finally, coconut oil may also help with muscle cramps.

Simply because the active ingredients (mainly lauric acid) is effective for reducing general pain and inflammation.

A good massage of the muscle cramp area was coconut oil can keep the blood flow healthy and help with faster healing.

Use Coconut Oil As A Lotion

Best way to use coconut oil for yourself is to use it like a lotion, applying it with a light coat directly to your skin.

You don’t need a lot of it… maybe one or two teaspoons..

And just massage it in.

In fact, you can use it daily to keep your joints lubricated and reduce stiffness.

Personally, I use it whenever I come out of the shower in the morning and hit knees and hamstrings…

And I also use a small layer of coconut oil on my calves before working out.

I addition, coconut is natural skin moisturizer…

It has been found that coconut oil significantly improved skin hydration and was just as effective as mineral oil.

Here’s another idea… why not use coconut oil topically as part of a massage?

Warm up some coconut oil and add some essential oils…

I have tried adding both peppermint and orange essential oils… and both came out great.

Then massage your scented coconut oil deeply into the area where the pain is.

The massage will increase circulation which brings more oxygen to tissues…

Which revitalizes the tissue and helps with healing.

Bottom line…

Coconut oil is inexpensive…
Doesn’t need a prescription…
It is easy to find at your local grocery store…
And has some proven anti-inflammatory benefits.

Why not try out some coconut oil for yourself and see if it helps with your aches and pains.

After all, what do you lose by trying?

It may just work for you.


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