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I decided to write this because…

There is nothing worse than a complete stranger showing up in your inbox, so I wanted to introduce myself…

A lot of times when I personally have subscribed to somebody’s email list…

I was never really sure who they are or if I could even trust what they were telling me.

This usually led to me unsubscribing pretty fast.

So I thought I would walk you thru my own personal fitness journey to give you a little background on how I started…

And why this could work for you as well.


It All Began Back In …

I’ll never forget the date…

It was April 30th 1986…

That was when I arrived in Ft Knox KY for Army Basic Training

That was the start of my fitness journey…

One that I continue to this date.

Luckily, I was in pretty good shape when I arrived at Basic Training…

But it wasn’t anything that I had worked on.

I mean, I didn’t do months of pushups or pull ups or anything to get ready for Basic Training.

But… I played a lot sports and enjoyed biking and skiing before enlisting…

So I was a little better prepared for the experience than a lot of the guys in my Basic Training unit.


BUT… It IS Basic Training

But that didn’t mean that Basic Training was a piece of cake.

Quite the opposite.

One of the most vivid memories I have from Basic Training is the smell of Ben Gay at 3 AM…

Ben Gay is a pain relief cream that can be applied directly onto the skin when a person is dealing with minor pain that needs to be relieved.

And it was probably one of the most popular purchases among recruits at Basic.

But… It has a pungent menthol/peppermint smell that can take over an entire room just from using a small amount…

And new recruits would lather on the Ben Gay before falling asleep in exhaustion every night to desperately help with the constant pain of body aches from muscles most of us never realized we even had.


The Basic Training Method

BUT… there was a method to the Army’s Basic Training madness.

They had a perfect system for taking untrained, physically unfit young men right off the street and transforming them into soldiers with the strength & coordination necessary for the physically demanding tasks the military requires.

And looking back, I realized that Basic Training taught me one of the most basic issues that people have when it comes to working out and getting in shape.

The hardest part about getting (and staying) in shape is…

Getting off the couch & out the front door.

I didn’t have that problem throughout my military career.

Every day, at 0530 AM, we were doing PT (physical training).

No excuses.

Didn’t feel like working out… Didn’t matter
A little hung over from too much fun the night before… Didn’t matter
Were your calves a little sore from the 3 mile run the day before…. Didn’t matter.

Monday thru Friday at 0530 AM, you were in PT formation, getting ready to work out whether you wanted to or not.

And a lot of the workouts and exercise routines I used in the military…

i continue to incorporate to this day.


It Sounds Harder Than It Actually Is

But it really isn’t.

In fact, after doing this for 4-6 days a week for the last 36 years…

I fell guilty when I DO skip a workout.

What keeps you motivated to meet (and exceed) your fitness goals?

I’ve put together a simple technique that has been proven to work for my fitness partners.

Just click on the link below and check it out for yourself.

Motivation & Fitness


And I wanted to include one other post that walks you thru a simple way that the Army uses to get these new civilians into military shape.

You can start using this for yourself to get started on your own personal fitness journey.

Give it a look for yourself below..

Basic Training Fitness


Thanks For Taking the Time

I wanted to share with you how I got started…

And some simple ways you can get started as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Hopefully, it will get you started on your own fitness journey…

And I will not be that much of stranger when you see me in your email inbox.









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