An 8 Minute Killer Workout

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Got just 8 free minutes in the morning? Or after work?

If so, then you can start burning fat and get into killer shape using this simple Tabata circuit that combines pushups & bodyweight squats.

Tabata Workout That Will Push You

Tabata workouts are high intensity interval workouts that really push your body to the limit…

And best of all, each Tabata workout “circuit” only takes 4 minutes each….

With high intensity exercise for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second recovery period…

For 8 repetitions.

(Don’t know what a Tabata workout is? Find out what exactly Tabata workout protocols are by clicking here…)

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Fitting Tabata Workouts Into Your Day

The best thing about Tabata workouts Is that they can fit into your day whenever you want….

And they need no other equipment besides your own body weight.

Here is a simple Tabata workout circuit using two of our favorite exercises…

Pushups and bodyweight squats.

Now, 4 minutes doesn’t sound like a whole lot…

But if you do these two exercises all out for 20 seconds each interval…

You will discover around set 7 or 8 that your body is definitely feeling it; and you will be sucking some serious wind.

Tabata Exercise Circuit With Pushups & Squats

Before starting, insure that you take a few minutes for stretching and warm up.

And remember, during the high intensity portion,  you want to be going “all out” (within your own body’s limits of course) with correct form.

And you will alternate pushups and bodyweight squats for each “set” of this 8 minute Tabata workout.

So, you will perform a set of pushups for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and then do a set of prisoner squats for 20 seconds, rest and then return to a set of pushups.

Alternate each movement for a total of 8 sets (4 minutes).

Once you are complete, rest for 2 to 3 minutes and then do 1 more circuit for another 4 minutes and then you are done.

A Simple 8 Minute Tabata Workout…

Can start burning body fat and  getting you into fantastic shape.

Just remember to always stretch and loosen up before any exercise…

And insure that during those 20 second sets that you are trying to push your body as hard as you can.

You’ll quickly find that you can jam a great fat torching Tabata workout into your day…

And see results from just simple 8 minute workouts just two to three times a week.


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