2 Anti Inflammatory Recipes That Work

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anti inflammatory drinkMost of your body’s aches and pains are due to inflammation in the body which can be caused due to a number of factors…. mostly a bad diet.

Which isn’t surprising with the amount of processed foods we find all over the grocery store.

It is important to avoid inflammatory foods like vegetable and seed oils, refined carbohydrates, processed meat, sugar, artificial trans fat and other foods that increase your body’s natural inflammation.

You want to add in anti-inflammatory foods to keep your health in top condition.

Here are 2 anti-inflammatory recipes you can start adding to your diet daily if you want to.

Both of these recipes help with…

  • Reducing inflammation in the body
  • Excellent detoxing properties
  • Knocking back a cold and sore throat

Try them for yourself…


Anti Inflammatory Tumeric Tea

2 cups filtered/distilled water
1 green tea bag
1/2 tsp organic turmeric powder
Dash of black pepper


Add 2 cups of filtered water to a saucepan and bring it to boil.

Turn off the heat and pour the water to a mug.

Add in a green tea bag, 1/2 tsp of ground organic turmeric and dash of black pepper. Drink warm


Lemon Morning Detox Tea

Honey lemon water makes a great morning detox drink.

Honey and lemon water detoxes the liver and flushes out a great majority of toxins from body.

Another added benefit…

It not only detoxes your body inside out but also gives your skin a glow and helps in weight loss.

Here’s what you need…

Fresh lemon Juice –1 Tbsp
Organic raw honey – 1 Tbsp
Water – 1 cup

Take a cup of warm water, add in lemon juice and raw honey and have warm first thing in the morning.


Try These Anti Inflammatory Recipes Yourself

As you can see, both recipes are a breeze to create…

And you will notice over time that some of those nagging body aches & pains start to disappear as your inflammation begins to start coming under control.


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