How To Lose 1 Pound Every Week

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So you want to lose some weight… Who doesn’t?

Why not try this simple technique with NO fad dieting that will help you drop 1 pound a week…

Every week.

Eat What YOU Like

Creating a weight loss diet that caters to your own preferences is the golden rule to a successful diet plan.

In other words, strategize your diet using foods you like… In the right portions… Consistently.

Don’t go for an extreme diet plan just because you’re desperate for a drastic change in your weight…

It’s unrealistic and you rarely get to your goal.

However, small changes in a healthy direction over time can work magic to your body.

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The Winning Rule To ANY Diet

Slow & steady wins the race in long-term (and permanent) fat loss!

Follow these simple common sense steps below to creating your own fat-shedding diet!

1-Identify your current diet

Keep a careful log of your normal food intake for 7 days…

Eat as per normal but keep record of what you have consumed each day; and how much at each meal or snack.

For example, how many bowls of cereal? One or two?

How much milk? What type of milk? 1%? Fat free?

TIP: Want a simple way to track what you eat every day?

Use this Calorie-Tracking App at My Fitness Pal!

It’s free, fun, and convenient.

The more convenient it is, the more likely you’ll use it to track your food intake!

Make sure you calculate the amount of calories you eat for every meal; and also enter any exercise you get in as well to determine your overall calorie intake every day.

2-Design a new diet…

Dream big but start small.

Be realistic and take small steps towards big success!

A safe weight loss goal is one pound a week.

One pound equals 3500 calories.

3500 divided by seven days a week equals 500 calories each day.

Identify your daily average calorie count using the My Fitness Pal app above and subtract 500 calories.

That’s it.

3- Identify your calorie needs

My personal favorite formula to calculate my average daily intake is to take my own body weight and multiply by 14

(Of course, there are other formulae out there…more complex ones that is)

Use this formula & keep things simple!

That’s the key to easy weight loss.

Let’s say I’m a 200lb man. So 200 X 14=2800 calories.

Then, 2800 calories/day -500 calories/day =2300 calories/day.

*So, I need to consume around 2300 calories per day to lose 1 lb every week.*

If my weight loss progress is slow or I hit a plateau, I’ll lower down my daily calorie intake to 1800-2000 calories.


However, keep in mind that you should not lower your calorie intake to less than 1500 without advice from your doctor or dietician.

That’s it.

Using a free tool and some common sense can equate to losing 1 pound every week.

Doesn’t sound very ambitious does it…

But do your math.

That’s 4 pounds/month…
12 pounds in 3 months…
And 52 pounds in 1 year.

Try it yourself..

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to cut out 300 or 500 calories every day.

And you’ll be even more surprised when you see the new you at the end of 3 months…

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